Styx Xilinx Zynq FPGA Module

HDMI Output Example Design for Styx

39 views March 14, 2018 Rohit Singh 0

Introduction: HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) can be viewed as a digital upgrade of VGA standard. It supports high resolution displays as well as audio data embedded along with video. The[...]

Simple VGA Design Example for Styx

42 views February 12, 2018 Rohit Singh 0

Introduction: VGA (Video Graphics Array) is an analog interface used to display visual data on computer monitors. Till few years back, it was the most used display interface. It is now being slowly r[...]

Styx : Boot from SD card and QSPI flash

91 views September 18, 2017 admin 0

Introduction In this article we will use Xilinx SDK to create a bootable image for Styx Zynq Module for booting via following modes: SD Boot Mode QSPI Flash Boot Mode Styx Zynq Module can[...]

Styx: How to use Xilinx Zynq PS PLL Clocks in FPGA Fabric

1320 views June 22, 2017 Rohit Singh 6

Introduction Styx Zynq Module features a Zynq 7020 from Xilinx in CLG484 package. The unique feature of Zynq-7000 series is that they are complete System on Chip (SoC) with an FPGA die which makes i[...]

Getting Started With Zynq on Styx using Vivado Design Suite

1191 views November 29, 2016 Rohit Singh 6

Introduction Vivado Design Suite by Xilinx is used for synthesis and analysis of HDL designs with additional features for SoC development and high-level synthesis. Xilinx recommends use of Vivado Desi[...]