Nereid Kintex 7 PCI Express FPGA Board

Getting started with PCI Express on Nereid Kintex 7 FPGA Board

1692 views February 15, 2018 Rohit Singh 6

Introduction: PCI Express is a serial expansion bus standard operating at multi-gigabit data rates. It is the third generation, high performance I/O bus which is used for interconnecting peripheral d[...]

Simple DDR3 Interfacing on Nereid using Xilinx MIG 7

1063 views February 14, 2018 Vijaya Lakshmi 4

Introduction The purpose of this article is to help readers understand how to use DDR3 memory available on Nereid using Xilinx MIG 7 easily. MIG 7 IP core provides users with two interface options: U[...]