Skoll Kintex 7 FPGA Module

Reading FPGA Temperature and Voltages using XADC, XO-Bus Lite and Python

897 views March 29, 2018 Rohit Singh 3

Introduction The Numato Lab XO-Bus Lite is a framework for communicating with Numato Lab boards such as Saturn, Neso, Skoll, Styx etc from a host. XO-Bus Lite accelerates the development by provid[...]

FTDI Asynchronous FIFO Interfacing with Neso, Skoll and Styx

216 views March 23, 2018 Rohit Singh 1

Introduction: The FTDI FT2232H USB 2.0 chip on-board Neso, Skoll and Styx provides users with a FIFO interface for data transfer between FPGA and host PC. The FT2232H chip features two cha[...]

Simple DDR3 Interfacing on Skoll using Xilinx MIG 7

722 views February 15, 2018 Vijaya Lakshmi 5

Introduction The purpose of this article is to help readers understand how to use DDR3 memory available on Skoll using Xilinx MIG 7 IP core easily. The MIG 7 IP core provides users with two interface[...]

Skoll, Microblaze And Linux: How To Boot Linux On Skoll Kintex 7 FPGA Module from SPI Flash

795 views April 28, 2016 Rohit Singh 1

In the previous article we saw how to build Linux Kernel and run it on Skoll Kintex 7 FPGA Module using Xilinx Platform Cable USB and XMD. Though this is the easier method, there are a couple of [...]

Skoll, Microblaze and Linux: How to run Linux on Skoll Kintex 7 FPGA Module

1301 views April 21, 2016 Rohit Singh 1

Introduction FPGAs are best known their flexibility and versatility. Such flexibility allows FPGAs not only be used for custom logic circuits but also implement a processor on it and even run Linux (o[...]

Vivado Design Suite – Create Microblaze based design using IP Integrator With Skoll Kintex 7 FPGA Module

3821 views April 21, 2016 Rohit Singh 13

Introduction Vivado Design Suite by Xilinx is used for synthesis and analysis of HDL designs with additional features for SOC development and high-level synthesis. Xilinx recommends use of Vivado Desi[...]