Telesto MAX 10 FPGA Module

HDMI Output Example Design for Telesto

18 views March 15, 2018 Vijaya Lakshmi 0

Introduction: HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) can be viewed as a digital upgrade of VGA standard. It supports high resolution displays as well as audio data embedded along with video. The[...]

Simple DDR3 interfacing on Telesto using Intel UniPHY IP Core

25 views March 15, 2018 Vijaya Lakshmi 0

Introduction The purpose of this article is to help readers understand how to use DDR3 memory available on Telesto using Intel DDR3 UniPHY IP Core easily. The Intel DDR3 UniPHY IP core for MAX 10 dev[...]

Simple VGA Design Example for Telesto

30 views March 14, 2018 Rohit Singh 0

Introduction: VGA (Video Graphics Array) is an analog interface used to display visual data on computer monitors. Till few years back, it was the most used display interface. It is now being slowly r[...]

Programming Telesto using OpenOCD

91 views March 8, 2018 Rohit Singh 1

What is OpenOCD? OpenOCD stands for Open On-Chip Debugger. It is an open-source software that supports debugging a wide variety of chips, devices and boards using a range of supported debug interface[...]