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100BASE-T Ethernet Expansion Module
The heart of the Ethernet Expansion module is LAN8710A, a low-power 10
Starts at $25.99
4 Port Gigabit Ethernet FMC Module
The FMCETHX001 Ethernet Expansion Module features RTL8211E-VB-CG which
Starts at $372.99
AD9283 ADC Expansion Module
This product is now obsolete! AD9283 ADC module features AD9283 an 8-
AD9763 DAC Expansion Module
This product is now obsolete! The AD9763 DAC module features AD9763,
Aller A7 FPGA Board with M.2 Interface
Aller A7 is specifically designed for the development and integration
Starts at $499.99
Alphanumeric LCD Display Expansion Module
This product is now obsolete! This expansion module features a 16x2 A
Callisto K7 USB 3.1 FPGA Module
Callisto K7 is an easy-to-use FPGA Module featuring the AMD Kintex 7 F
Starts at $949.99
Callisto S6 USB 3.1 FPGA Module
Low stock due to the unprecedented chip shortage Lead time - 52 wee
Starts at $647.99
CS4344 Audio Expansion Module
This module features CS4344, a 24-Bit, 192 kHz Stereo D/A Converter th
Starts at $19.99
Elbert S3A FPGA Development Board
This product is now obsolete! This product is retired. But don't worr
Elbert V2 S3A FPGA Development Board
ELBERT V2 is a simple but versatile FPGA Learning/Development board fe
Starts at $57.99
FMCADCX001: Dual AD9250 FMC ADC Expansion Module
The Numato Lab FMCADCX001 ADC Expansion Module features two Analog Dev
Starts at $1240.99
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