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AD9283 ADC Expansion Module
AD9283 ADC module features AD9283 an 8-bit monolithic sampling analog-
AD9763 DAC Expansion Module
This product is now obsolete! The AD9763 DAC module features AD9763,
CS4344 Audio Expansion Module
This module features CS4344, a 24-Bit, 192 kHz Stereo D/A Converter th
Starts at $16.99
FMCADCX001: Dual AD9250 FMC ADC Expansion Module
The Numato Lab FMCADCX001 ADC Expansion Module features two Analog Dev
Starts at $769.00
LM4550 AC’97 Stereo Audio Codec Expansion Module
This module features LM4550, an AC'97 Rev 2.1 compliant audio codec wh
Starts at $32.99

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