Academic & Open Source

Offers For Academic & Open Source Community

Numato Lab offers attractive discounted pricing to Students, Faculty and staff who actively engaged with any university worldwide. We also offer discounts to people contributing to open-source projects and active blog writers who share valuable knowledge with the community. We do offer a minimum of 30% discount on retail prices but depending on the project you are working on, you may be eligible to receive additional discounts or even free products.

To receive these offers, please follow the steps below.

1. Register at

2. Send a request to us using the Contact Us page. Make sure to attach a copy of your valid school/university ID. If you are an open source contributor, please write a little bit about the project and if available, share the link to the webpage where the project is published.

Once we receive all required information, we will review the same and assign Academic/Open Source status to your account if you are eligible. Once your request is approved, you may login to with your user name and password and place orders at discounted price.