Prodigy ZGX Series – 16/32/64 Channel USB/RTU/TCP Modbus GPIO Module


Prodigy ZGX Series – 16/32/64 Channel USB/RTU/TCP Modbus GPIO Module


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  • 16/32/64 3.3V GPIOs
  • 8/14/32 Analog Inputs(Multiplexed with GPIO) with12-Bit resolution
  • Compatible with most automation software in the market that supports Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Features such as GPIO Timer, the Watchdog timer for fail-safe operation, Configurable Power On states, etc.
  • Write your own script or software with the help of a large number of sample code provided in various languages


  • Home Automation
  • Lighting Control
  • Garden Equipment Control
  • Industrial Automation
  • Test Fixtures
  • DIY and Hobby

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Prodigy ZGX Series – 16/32/64 Channel USB/RTU/TCP Modbus GPIO Module


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Prodigy ZGX16/ZGX32/ZGX64 is a Digital Input/Output module that supports Modbus RTU over USB and RS485 and Modbus TCP over Ethernet. This product has 16/32/64 GPIO(3.3V)  multiplexed with 8/14/32(Max) Analog Inputs that support. The RS485/USB/Ethernet host interface makes connecting this device to any Windows, Linux, Mac machines, or embedded computers such as RPi an easy task. Meanwhile, support for industry-standard Modbus protocol makes it easy to use this device with almost any automation software that supports Modbus – RTU/TCP. ZGX16/ZGX32/ZGX64 when RTU model connected to a host computer, is enumerated as a regular serial port. This alleviates the difficulty of working with the USB protocol and offers a transparent interface to access the device. ZGX16/ZGX32/ZGX64 acts as a Modbus slave device at slave address 1. Flexible DIN Rail mounting system allows easy installation and removal with screws. ZGX16/ZGRX32/ZGX64 supports several features such as GPIO Timer, Safety Timer (Watchdog), Programmable Power-On State, etc.

Prodigy ZGX Series – 16 Channel USB/RTU/TCP Modbus GPIO Module                                    Prodigy ZGX Series – 32 Channel USB/RTU/TCP Modbus GPIO Module                                                       Prodigy ZGX Series – 64 Channel USB/RTU/TCP Modbus GPIO Module

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Prodigy ZGX16/ZGX32/ZGX64 – RTU/TCP x1, USB A to B Cable x1, LAN Cable x1(TCP), 12V Power Supply x1