Rhea Device Management Software for Relay and GPIO

Rhea Device Management Software for Relay and GPIO



  • To manage and exercise Numato Lab’s popular GPIO and Relay modules.
  • Full fledged GUI makes easier to use Numato Lab’s GPIO/Relay Modules.

Rhea is a software tool designed to manage and exercise Numato Lab’s GPIO and Relay modules. Rhea supports most GPIO/Relay devices manufactured by Numato Lab with USB, Ethernet, or WiFi interface. This software tool offers an out-of-the-box experience when working with Numato Lab’s GPIO and Relay Modules. While the powerful command-line-like interface provided by these devices offer very quick and easy setup and use by taking advantage existing software such as TeraTerm, PuTTY, HyperTerminal or your own custom script/program, Rhea goes one step further by offering a full-fledged GUI that looks great and works out of the box. Rhea makes it easier to use Numato Lab’s GPIO/Relay Modules without needing to learn the commands or other specifics and can be used for basic automation and other tasks.

Currently supported devices

Installing Rhea on Windows®
Installing Rhea on supported Windows® operating systems is straight forward. Simply download the latest Rhea installer executable from the “Downloads” tab below and execute it on your PC. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation process. When the installation is complete, a new Rhea icon will appear under Start menu > programs. You may need to download install latest Java Runtime from https://java.com/en/download/ if not already present.
Beta Software
This is beta software. Certain features may be missing incomplete. Report bugs and suggestions here.

General FAQs


Attribute Value
Supported Interfaces

USB, Ethernet, WiFi

Supported Operating Systems

Windows® 8 x64, Windows® 8.1 x64, windows® 10 x64

Minimum Hardware Requirements

2 Core x64 CPU, 8GB Memory, 300MB Disk Space