Opto Isolator Breakout

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 This product is RoHS Compliant.

Opto isolation can be very helpful in protecting your sensitive devices such as microcontrollers and FPGAs from noise and higher voltages present when using Motors, Relays and other actuators. When prototyping on a bread board, it can be a real hassle wiring up everything and the circuit can end up looking like a rat's nest. This breakout board helps to add opto isolation to any circuit with minimum amount of wiring (thanks to onboard resistors and four independent opto coupler channels!). Easy and fast, now what are you waiting for !

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Schematic / spec sheet for opto isolator breakout module

Has this information been posted yet?

Re:Schematic / spec sheet for opto isolator breakout module

The schematics and PCB design files for this board can be found at http://numato.cc/content/opto-isolator-breakout-kicad-design

Still no resistor values

It would be kind of you to post PDF schematics, so that those of us without KiCad installed could find this information, however I wanted to point out that (from reading the various files in your repo) the actual values of the resistor networks aren't called out anywhere.

So, for the sake of folks that really would like to know whether they can use these boards safely, you might want to actually mark them.

Separately, there's the problem that the PC817 is a single-LED design, and your board doesn't seem to have any protection against input transients below zero volts, so this design really isn't suitable for a lot of applications (e.g. automotive use). A simple fix would be to switch to a dual-LED opto...

Re:Still no resistor values

We are absolutely sorry that we didn't follow through on this matter. We have added a link to schematics in pdf format above wit resistor values marked.

Is there a schematic available ?

What value are the resistors R1 and R2 ?
Are the resistors in series with the connector on both the diode and collector side ?
What's the part number of the opto-isolator to look up it's transfer characteristics, darlington etc ?
Is the connector pin connected to all the diodes on the cathodes or anodes ?
Is the connector pin connected to all the transistors on the emitters or collectors ?


R1 & R2

OK. I actually bought some of these. Now can you tell us what the values of R1 and R2 are? Its really hard to know if I am working within the safe limits of the chip without knowing the values of the resistors.

Re: Is there a schematic available ?

Yes, we will share the schematics in next couple of days.