Help With Products Purchased

Where to find drivers, documentation and tools ?

All available drivers, documentation and tools specific to each product are usually listed on the product page under “Downloads” tab. Use the “Products” menu on the main menu bar and browse to the product page. Sample code for products where applicable are available on the product page as well under “Sample Code” tab. If you are unable to find the files you are looking for, please get in touch with us so we can help. Please note that some products may not require a driver to operate.

Where to find sample applications/projects/code for my product ?

While many products do have associated sample code/applications, some may not. Please see the product page or click on the “Code Library” link on the main menu bar to locate sample code. The following disclaimer apply to all source code and/or sample projects downloaded from Numato Lab website.

“The sample code and applications available on this website and are provided to Numato Lab customers for free with the hope that it may be useful for them to learn the basics of writing programs for Numato Lab’s products. These applications and code does not come with any guarantee expressed or implied. The sample code is limited to demonstrate how to communicate with the device and do some basic operations. These applications and code may not exercise all commands, features or functionality that are supported by the product. The code is tested on limited number of operating systems only.”

Where to get technical help?

Please visit our Help Desk for a large collection of documentation, knowledge base articles, FAQ and other tutorials. You can also visit the forum or get in touch with us directly through Help Desk.Kindly note that we do not offer phone support at this time.