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Getting Started


Getting Started

This page will help you get familiar with our products and the values we believe in.


Our Values

We are firm believers of "Customer First" approch. We work relentlessly to put our customer's interests and needs in front of our own and strive to achieve great customer satisfaction by believing and executing our strategies based on the following values.


     * Delivering high quality products

     * Delivering products on time, everytime

     * Standing behind our products

     * Offering an excellent job in customer care


Our Products

We design and manufacture products that help engineers, students and industry to learn, design and implement embedded systems and other electronic systems. Most of our products fall under one of the following categories.


     * GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) Modules
     * Relay Modules
     * FPGA Development boards, modules and expansion boards
     * Power supply
     * Shields, Sensors and other breakout boards


GPIO Modules

GPIO modules are primarily designed to generate HIGH/LOW signals from an IO pin or set of IO pins or read the logic state applied to an IO pin or a set of IO pins. These IOs can be directly controlled from a PC running Windows, Linux or any other supported operating system. Various PC communication protocols avaialble such as USB, Bluetooth, PCIe etc.. You may choose a GPIO Module with a specific protocol support depending on your system requirements. Using these modules generally does not require any knowledge of underlying protocols such as USB or Bluetooth. These modules when connected to computer, will show up as normal serial ports and can be controlled by typing in simple commands through your favorite terminal emulation software such as Hyperterminal, PUTTY, teraterm etc.. or programmatically through your favorite programming/scripting language. Most GPIO modules support analog input measurement through built in ADC as well.


Relay Modules 

Relay modules are designed for switching power or signal to external devices such as a lamp or a motor. Relay modules are very similar to GPIO modules in terms of communication protocols and commands/usage except minor differences such as additional commands to manipulate relays. Some Relay Modules have a few built in GPIO/Analog IOs as well.


FPGA Development Boards and Expansion Boards

Numato Lab offers a variety of FPGA Modules, Development Boards and Expansion modules. These FPGA products are designed to be very cost effective and easy to use. We have carefully designed these products to keep additional costs to user as minimum as possible. An example of this philosophy is the built in programming interface available on most FPGA Development Boards. This built in USB based programming interface will save you a lot of money by not having to buy an expensive JTAG programming cable. While it is nice to have a JTAG cable, it is not a requirement to get started with most of our FPGA Development boards. We are currently working on expanding our product range to include Altera and Microsemi FPGAs and supporting more technologies such as PCIe, HDMI, Displayport etc... We offer a wide variety of expansion modules that can be used with our FPGA Development Boards. This includes but not limited to ADC, DAC, Displays, Audio and Video modules etc...


Other products

We do offer a wide variety of other products such as Arduino shields, Sensors and a vast array of breakout boards. These breakout boards can be used with FPGA/Microcontroller development boards, Arduino and other custom development boards. we are working hard to offer an expanded set of quality products. So make sure to check back to find out about our new products.


Tools, Drivers and Manuals for products

We publish user manuals, supporting tools sample code and drivers where necessary. All availble downloads/links to downloads for a particular product will be available on the product page. Please see the "Downloads" and/or "Sample Code" tabs next to the "Description" tab on the product page. Please note that some products may be very generic and you may need to use generic datasheets for more information. A few breakout boards will fall in this category.



We are committed to provide continued help to our customers if they face difficulties while using our products. We do have excellent user manuals and variety of sample code to help you get started with most of our products. We do write blog posts as well from time to time to share more insights to our products. But we understand that in some scenarios you may need help beyond what user manuals and blog posts can offer. We are happy to help you in such cases. See our Help And support page to find out how to request for help. We are committed to maintain highest possible standard of quality while designing and manufacturing products. But as with any electronic device, malfunction or undesired behavior can happen and we are happy to help you with the product you have purchased in such case. Please see our Help And support page to find out how we can help.


Product Design And Customization Services

In certain cases, your requirements may be better satisfied with a product that is slightly customized or completely designed from the scratch. We are happy to help you with customization or new product design. Please let us know about your requirements and we are happy to provide a quote.