L298 2A Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver

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This board is based on the very popular dual H Bridge motor controller L298. L298 can drive up to two DC motors simultaneously while sourcing 2A to each motor. Both the motors can be controlled independently using a microcontroller or Arduino.

This board comes with heat sink pre installed for L298. This helps in case the driver needs to be run at full load for long time. Each Bridge is protected from back emf by four diodes. L298 require a +5V supply for its logic circuitry. An onboard LM317 low dropout regulator derives this from the main motor power supply.  There are separate screw terminals for each motor and power supply. All logical signals are available on unshrouded 200mil headers.

L298 Datasheet


PWM control

Is it possible to control a motor by PWM with this board?
Should I use Enable pin for it?
Are schottky diodes used for flyback on this board?
Is shortness of reverse recovery time of the flyback diode enough?

Re:PWM control

Yes, it is possible to use PWM with this board for motor control. You need to use the input pins for this purpose. The diodes on the boards are SM4007 dides which is not a shottky device. It does a decent job of protecting the chip.